The first science fiction I ever encountered was Fireball XL5, one of the early Gerry Anderson productions. I was only about four years old, but I was hooked immediately on spaceships and adventure in the stars.

I grew up during the exciting part of the space race, staying up nights to watch space-walks then moon missions, eyes wide in wonder as Armstrong made his small step.

At the same time Gerry Anderson had continued to thrill me, with Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. The Americans joined in, with Lost in Space then, as color TV reached Scotland, Star Trek hit me full between the eyes.

Also at the same time, my reading was gathering pace. I'd started on comics early with Batman and Superman. As the '60s drew to a close, Marvel started to take over my reading habits more, and I made forays into reading novels; Clarke and Asimov at first, and most of the Golden-Age works.

By the early Seventies I had graduated to the so-called New Wave, Moorcock, Ellison, Delaney and Zelazny dominating my reading, and they led me on to reading, then writing horror.

Those who know me know that I was once, almost, a scientist.

Even from an early age it was what I wanted to do. Actually, I wanted to be a spaceman ( the fastest man alive ), but when I started into the studying in the ’70s, I found myself drawn towards biology and chemistry more than to maths and physics. I’ve retained a life-long love of all things pertaining to outer space, but when it came to time to choose a path beyond school, I went with the Biological Sciences and graduated in Botany from Glasgow University, and even made a stab at some real science for a couple of years before I was caught in the IT trap in the early ’80s.

And there it ended.

In 2007 I escaped the world of corporate IT, came to Newfoundland, and science crept in again, this time in my writing. Scientists began to show up in the likes of THE CREEPING KELP, NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO, THE DUNFIELD TERROR, FUNGOID and my Professor Challenger pastiches and since then they’ve been getting even louder still.

In these works you’ll find mad scientists, bad scientists, and mad, bad scientists.

This is who I am.

This is what I do.

There seems to be quite a burgeoning market for this kind of mixing of science and supernatural, and I intend writing more... maybe even a lot more.

See the list below for details of what I've done so far.

Longer works
  • The Dunfield Terror (Crossroad Press)
  • Fungoid (Crossroad Press)
  • The Creeping Kelp (Dark Regions Press)
  • Operation: Antarctica (Severed Press)
  • Operation: Siberia (Severed Press)
  • Operation: Norway (Severed Press)
  • The Kew Growths and Other Stories (Dark Regions Press)
  • The Island of Terror (Dark Regions Press)
  • The Plasm (Dark Regions Press)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Hackney Horror (novella on Amazon)
  • Gatekeeper (novella on Amazon)
  • Generations (novel on Amazon)
  • Bug-Eyed Monsters (collection on Amazon)

  • Lab (Chapbook on Amazon)
  • Builders (Chapbook on Amazon)
  • Spore (Chapbook on Amazon)
  • Nursery (Chapbook on Amazon)

Short Stories not in the above

  • Operation Severn / Prehistoric / Severed Press
  • Into the Green / BOND Unknown / April Moon Books
  • Call and Response / The Arkham Detective Agency / Dark Regions Press
  • Stars and Sigils / Halfway to Anywhere / Sinister Grin Press
  • The Call of the Deep / The Return of the Old Ones / Dark Regions Press
  • Into the Black / Beyond the Mountains of Madness / Celeano Press
  • The Parkland Experiments / Shadows of an Inner Darkness / Golden Goblin Press
  • The Needs of the Many / The Stars at Our Door / April Moon
  • The Terror that Came to Dounreay ( Atomic Age Cthulhu anthology / Chaosium )
  • Carnacki: The Island of Dr. Monroe (Steampunk Cthulhu / Chaosium)
  • In the Bubble (Tesseracts 17 anthology / EDGE)
  • On the Threshold (Ominous Realities / Gray Matter Press)
  • SymbiOS (Eldritch Chrome / Chaosium)
  • Twitterspace ( Futures 2 / Tor )
  • Broadsword ( World War Cthulhu / Dark Regions Press )
  • Under an Uncaring Sky (NATURE Futures)
  • Variations (NATURE Futures)
  • Lacunae (NATURE Futures)
  • Growth (NATURE Futures)
  • Twitterspace (NATURE Futures)
  • Supply and Demand (Daily Science Fiction)
  • Rickman's Plasma (Lovecraft Ezine)
  • The Call of the Dance (Lovecraft Ezine)
  • The Colour that Came to Chiswick (Gaslight Arcanum anthology / EDGE)
  • Total Mental Quality (Nova Scotia anthology / Mercat Books)
  • Aboard the Vordlak (Wrongworld / Halloween issue 2008)
  • Variations on a Theme (Wrongworld / Teachings issue 2008)
  • Joining With the One (ESLI - Russia)
  • Joining With the One (Sci-Fi Magazin #5 - Romania)
  • Code Violation (Sci-Fi Magazin #8 - Romania)
  • The Kelp (Lamplight Magazine #1 / Lamplight)
  • Out of the Black (Fading Light anthology / Angelic Knight Press)
  • #Dragonspit (Fantasy Scroll Magazine #3 )

Longer Works

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