The Kew Growths

THE KEW GROWTHS AND OTHER STORIES is a Professor Challenger collection in lettered deluxe leatherbound hardcover (26 copies only), numbered limited signed hardcover (100 copies) and paperback (first 100 signed) from Dark Renaissance

Professor Challenger has mostly played second fiddle to Holmes in the Conan Doyle canon, but in THE KEW GROWTHS AND OTHER STORIES the larger than life adventurer takes center stage. In these tales you'll find him investigating lost worlds, delving into deep places, and facing creatures long since thought lost in legend.

Along with the help of his long time companion, Malone, and some aid from the likes of Carnacki and John Logie Baird, follow Challenger as he saves London from menace, tracks down ape men, and visits a high plateau in Montana where time has stood still.


The paperback and signed limited hardcover editions contain eleven short stories:
  • The Kew Growths
  • The Petrified Forest
  • The Monster of the Ness
  • The Auld Grey Man
  • The Ape Man
  • The Penge Terror
  • Drums in the Deep
  • The Cornish Owlman
  • Ripples in the Ether
  • The Valley of the Lost
  • Parting the Veil
And included as bonus material in the deluxe leatherbound edition are
  • The Island of Terror (novella)
  • A Rock and a Hard Place
  • Ice
All editions contain stunning B&W illustrations to accompany each story by M Wayne Miller.


The Kew Growths and Other Stories is, as those familiar with William Meikleís work would expect, a worthy addition to the Professor Challenger canon. - British Fantasy Society

Professor Challenger: The Kew Growths and Other Stories is another fantastic collection of short stories from William Meikle, and serves as excellent demonstration of his inherent skill as a writer, breathing fresh life into an obscure classic character and reinvigorating him for the 21st Century. - THE SCI-FI AND FANTASY REVIEWER

Once again Mr. Meikle proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is one the preeminent storytellers/authors writing today. - Literary Mayhem

The result is a collection of eleven tales that range from action-adventure to horror, each accompanied by an appropriate, often stirring illustration by M. Wayne Miller, whose black-and-white renderings make shadows come alive...Professor Challenger: The Kew Growths and Other Stories is a credit to both the originator and the modern storyteller. - Hellnotes to read and you canít ask for much more than that. - Don D'Ammassa

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