The Plasm

A pulp sci-fi novella from Dark Regions Press in hardcover, paperback and ebook

A derelict spacecraft and a storage cavern on Mars are linked by a forgotten secret. Ancient rituals are invoked, dark energy is awakened, and soon the Plasm is growing, and feeding. Desperate measures are required-but will they be enough?

This one is a wee B-movie homage-a film that was never made if you like. It runs in my head like a Gerry Anderson production, and if you think of it like that, I'm sure you'll have a load of fun with it.


The Vordlak, once the pride of the space program, has been missing for decades, thought lost in the void. But when a salvage team come across it floating in the darkness, and the lost ship's unique drive kicks in, then the problems are only just beginning. Space and time are warped as some of the relics of the original mission develop a strange new life of their own in their storage chamber deep below Mars.

Soon it is a race against time, as a burgeoning plasma starts to feed and grow on Mars, and matters aboard the Vordlak come to a head. Disaster can only be averted by studying the secret history of the ghost ship and the ancient rituals that have provided it with its power. But in repeating that history, will the small band of survivors prevail - or will they only make matters worse as the plasma continues to rampage?


The Plasm is a fantastic piece of science-fiction horror writing that is reminiscent of one of my favourite films – Event Horizon – that I greatly enjoyed, and would encourage anyone with an interest in horror or science-fiction to pick up as soon as possible. - THE SCI-FI AND FANTASY REVIEWER

Fans of horror, particularly stuff with a Lovecraftian flavor will enjoy this one. - Horror Web

The overall story was engaging, the characters were painted well, and the ending was a thing of beauty. This is an example of a highly professional storyteller and talented wordsmith, doing what he does. Which happens to be telling an extremely engaging story, and absolutely nailing it! - Weird and Wonderful Reads

Meikle’s prose is as economical and effortless as ever. The Plasm is an enjoyable novella that fans of Meikle will envelop eagerly. - Horror After Dark

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