Carnacki and Me

Carnacki resonated with me immediately on my first reading many years ago. Several of the stories have a Lovecraftian viewpoint, with cosmic entities that have no regard for the doings of mankind. The background Hodgson proposes fits with some of my own viewpoint on the ways the Universe might function, and the slightly formal Edwardian language seems to be a "voice" I fall into naturally. I write them because of love, pure and simple.

The stories appear in three main collections HEAVEN AND HELL from Dark Regions Press, and THE WATCHER AT THE GATE from Dark Renaissance. Both volumes are in limited edition hardcovers, trade paperbacks and ebooks, all fully illustrated by the great Wayne Miller. A third volume, THE EDINBURGH TOWNHOUSE, appears in trade paperback and ebook from the Lovecraft Ezine's fiction imprint and the fourth, THE KEYS TO THE DOOR is coming soon from Dark Regions Press in trade paperback and ebook.

I love exploring the Occult Detective sub-genre, in the Midnight Eye Files stories, in my Carnacki stories, and with Sherlock Holmes and Professor Challenger. I intend to write a lot more of it.

THE DARK ISLAND novella in the Heaven and Hell collection is a focal point for Carnacki -- in it he has learned that the bounds of his research are much, much wider than he had previously thought. That's going to give me plenty of scope for further stories and explorations.

You may notice while reading that Carnacki likes a drink and a smoke, and a hearty meal with his friends gathered round.

This dovetails perfectly with my own idea of a good time. And although I no longer smoke, writing about characters who do allows me a small vicarious reminder of my own younger days.

I wish I had Carnacki's library, his toys, but most of all, I envy him his regular visits from his tight group of friends, all more than willing to listen to his tales of adventure into the weird places of the world while drinking his Scotch and smoking his cigarettes.

Carnacki's Appearances

Here's an up to date list of all my Carnacki story appearances so far. There will be more to come, I'm sure.
  • Carnacki: Heaven and Hell (HC / TPB / ebook / Dark Regions Press)
    • The Blooded Iklwa
    • The Larkhill Barrow
    • The Sisters of Mercy
    • The Hellfire Mirror
    • The Beast of Glamis
    • The Tomb of Pygea
    • The Lusitania
    • The Haunted Oak
    • The Shoreditch Worm
    • The Dark Island
  • Carnacki: The Watcher at the Gate (HC / TPB / ebook / Dark Regions Press)
    • The Banshee
    • Treason and Plot
    • Captain Gault's Nemesis
    • The China Dolls
    • A Cold Christmas in Chelsea
    • The Black Swan
    • The Blue Egg
    • Mr. Churchill's Dilemma
    • Bedlam in Yellow
    • The Watcher at the Gate
    • The Gray Boats
    • The Chislehurst Conundrum
    • The Parliament of Owls (Deluxe hardcover only)
    • The Island of Dr. Munroe (Deluxe hardcover only)
  • Carnacki: The Edinburgh Townhouse (TPB / ebook / Lovecraft ezine)
    • The Photographer's Friend
    • Fins in the Fog
    • The Cheyne Walk Infestation
    • An Unexpected Delivery
    • A Sticky Wicket
    • The King's Treasure
    • Mr Churchill's Surprise
    • The Edinburgh Townhouse
    • A Night in the Storeroom
    • Into the Light
  • Carnacki: The Keys to the Door (COMING SOON from Dark Regions Press)
    • The Lakeside Cottages
    • The Hound
    • The West Bow Townhouse
    • Beneath the Greenwood Tree
    • A Body in the Library
    • The Lute in the Manor House
    • Bats in the Belfry
    • Strangers on the Shore
    • The Grunting Man
    • The Lock Keeper's Cottage
    • The Keys to the Door
    • The Glasgow House
    • Starry Wisdom
  • The Kew Growths (The Kew Growths and other stories / Dark Renaissance)
  • The Cornish Owlman (The Kew Growths and other stories / Dark Renaissance)
  • Carnacki: The New Investigations boxset / Ghostwriter Publications / 2009
    • The Blooded Iklwa
    • The Larkhill Barrow
    • The Sisters of Mercy
  • Treason and Plot (Horror for the Holidays anthology / Miskatonic River Press / 2011)
  • The Parliament of Owls ( Lovecraft Ezine #18 / 2012)
  • A Cold Christmas in Chelsea (13 Ghosts of Xmas anthology / Spectral Press / 2012)
  • The Blue Egg (Sargasso #1 / The Journal of W.H. Hodgson Studies / 2013)
  • Captain Gault's Nemesis (Carnacki: The New Adventures / 2013)
  • The Island of Dr. Monroe (Steampunk Cthulhu anthology / Chaosium / 2014)
  • Bedlam in Yellow (In the Court of the Yellow King / Celaeno Press / 2014)
  • The Keys to the Door ( The Mammoth Book of Jack the Ripper / Little Brown / 2015 )
  • The Grunting Man / The Lost Cases / Ulthar Press / 2016
  • The Lakeside Cottages ( The Children of Gla'aki / Dark Regions Press / 2017 )
  • The Lusitania / Fearful Fathoms / Scarlet Galleon / 2017
  • Bats in the Belfry / Tails of Terror / Golden Goblin Press / 2018
Available online

Foreign Language and reprints

  • The Sisters of Mercy in Japanese (Nightland Magazine #4 / Japan / 2012)
  • The Beast of Glamis (Weird Detection anthology / Prime / 2013 )
  • The Banshee in Japanese (Night Land Quarterly #4 / Japan / 2016)
  • Bedlam in Yellow in Japanese (Night Land Quarterly #5 / Japan / 2017)
  • The Keys to the Door in Japanese (Night Land Quarterly #13 / Japan / 2018)

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