I've written a few weird Sherlock Holmes stories over the past few years. The first one was THE QUALITY OF MERCY in Gaslight Grotesque.

Since then I've done THE CALL OF THE DANCE, published in the Lovecraft ezine, THE COLOUR THAT CAME TO CHISWICK in Gaslight Arcanum and this novella from Dark Regions, SHERLOCK HOLMES: REVENANT, published by them in ebook and paperback.

(The above are all also included in the hardcover and trade paperback collection from Dark Renaissance, SHERLOCK HOLMES: THE QUALITY OF MERCY AND OTHER STORIES, and I have three more Holmes novellas coming from them in the future.).

It is the characters first and foremost that draws me to Holmes. Doyle brought him to life. He is instantly recognizable all over the world and has been for over 100 years. Few other writers have managed that trick.

It's also the setting for me. I was raised on Doyle, Wells and Robert Louis Stevenson and I love that historical period they covered in their work. It's also the time period I've come to prefer for my own writing and I can see me settling in there for a long time to come.


Revenant is a supernatural mystery, fast paced and taking Holmes and Watson up and down the length of Britain. They're on the run from the police having been framed for murder, and have to find out who is behind it. This proves difficult, as their adversary is capable of hiding in plain sight.

The clues lead them to an alchemist in Scotland, and deeper mysteries where they find their case linked to the quest for immortality, and a plot that might bring down the British Empire.


...a splendid and entertaining diversion.- Black Static #28

Baker Street Irregulars should quickly secure a copy of the book. - British Fantasy Society

It's a nice blend of mystery and occult adventure and you don't find that particular flavor much any more - Don D'Ammassa

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