Occult Detectives

Even before I found Lovecraft and Stephen King and my world turned, I was raised on Doyle, Wells, Hodgson and Robert Louis Stevenson which gave me both a love of the "gentleman detective" era and a deep love of the late Victorian / early Edwardian historical period in general.

And above all else, I keep coming back to Carnacki. The ghosthunter resonated with me immediately on my first reading many years ago. Several of the stories have a Lovecraftian viewpoint, with cosmic entities that have no regard for the doings of mankind. The background Hodgson proposes fits with some of my own viewpoint on the ways the Universe might function, and the slightly formal Edwardian language seems to be a "voice" I fall into naturally.

I write them because of love, pure and simple.

You may notice while reading that Carnacki likes a drink and a smoke, and a hearty meal with his friends gathered round. This dovetails perfectly with my own idea of a good time. And although I no longer smoke, writing about characters who do allows me a small vicarious reminder of my own younger days. I wish I had Carnacki's library, his toys, but most of all, I envy him his regular visits from his tight group of friends, all more than willing to listen to his tales of adventure into the weird places of the world while drinking his Scotch and smoking his cigarettes.

I've also created my own series character, Derek Adams, a Glaswegian P.I. who gets involved in occult cases in Scotland.

I read widely, both in the crime and horror genres, but my crime fiction in particular keeps returning to older, pulpier, bases.

Derek is a Bogart and Chandler fan, and it is the movies and Americana of the '40s that I find a lot of my inspiration for him, rather than in Victoriana.

He's turned up in three novels so far, THE AMULET, THE SIRENS and THE SKIN GAME, all out now in ebook at all the usual online stores and in shiny new paperback and audiobook editions from Gryphonwood Press.

THE AMULET is also out in a Portuguese language edition from Retropunk Publicadoes (with the other 2 novels to follow) and there's a German language edition of THE AMULET from Blitz Verlag.

There's also an ever growing list of Midnight Eye short stories, and three novellas, RHYTHM AND BOOZE in my Dark Melodies collection, DEAL OR NO DEAL from Gryphonwood Press, and FARSIDE in the OCCULT DETECTIVE QUARTERLY PRESENTS anthology.

Derek has developed a life of his own, and I'm along for the ride.

There seems to be quite a burgeoning market for this kind of mixing of detection and supernatural, and I intend writing more... maybe even a lot more.

I've sold a new CARNACKI collection to Dark Regions Press and have a collection of Midnight Eye stories coming from Gryphonwood Press. Watch this space, and see the list below for details of what I've done so far.


Longer works
  • Carnacki: Heaven and Hell ( collection / Dark Regions Press)
  • Carnacki: The Watcher at the Gate (collection / Dark Regions Press )
  • Carnacki: The Edinburgh Townhouse (collection / Lovecraft ezine Press )
  • Carnacki: The Keys to the Door (collection / Dark Regions Press - COMING SOON )
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Quality of Mercy and other stories ( Collection / Dark Regions Press)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The London Terrors (3 novella omnibus / Dark Regions Press)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Dreaming Man (novel / Gryphonwood Press)
  • Sherlock Holmes: Revenant (Novella / Dark Regions Press)
  • Professor Challenger: The Kew Growths and Others ( Collection / Dark Regions Press )
  • The Amulet (in ebook / pbck / audio from GryphonWood Press)
  • The Sirens (in ebook / pbck / audio from GryphonWood Press)
  • The Skin Game (in ebook / pbck / audio from GryphonWood Press)
  • Rhythm and Booze (novella in Dark Melodies collection / Dark Regions )
  • Deal or No Deal (novella in ebook from GryphonWood Press)
  • Farside (novella in Occult Detective Quarterly Presents )
  • Green Door (novella on Amazon)

Short Stories not in any of the above
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Maltese Catacombs (Sherlock Holmes Abroad / Little Brown)
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Flash in the Pan (The Associates of Sherlock Holmes / Titan )
  • Sherlock Holmes: A Gentlemanly Wager ( Sherlock Holmes' School for detection / Little Brown )
  • Got my Mojo Working (with Dave Wilbanks) (Occult Detective Quarterly Issue #1)
  • The Nest (Occult Detective Quarterly Issue #1)
  • The Forth Protocol (Cthulhu Detective / David Conyers / Amazon )
  • A Weathered Stone (Flesh Like Smoke / April Moon )
  • Call and Response (Arkham Detective Agency / Dark Regions )
  • Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Mi-Go (Occult Detective Quarterly Kickstarter reward )
  • The Curious Affair on the Embankment (The Ghost Club / Crystal Lake Publishing
  • Gateway to Oblivion (Dark Rites of Cthulhu 2 / April Moon ) - COMING SOON