Details of a new edition of an old favorite, a bunch of bargain books, and some news in this newsletter.

I got the rights back to my kids creature feature, GENERATIONS and it has launched in ebook ($2.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited) and paperback

I have an interest in cryptozoology, of creatures that live just out of sight of humankind, and of the myriad possibilities that nature, and man's dabbling with it, can throw up.

I also like British mad scientists, who have a long lineage in both science fiction and horror, in books and movies, THE FIRST MEN ON THE MOON and QUATERMASS being particular favorites.

When I had the idea of the magic growth elixir these ideas all collided and young Tom started to babble excitedly to me about what his Granddad was up to. GENERATIONS grew from there.

There's a big blob in here - several of them in fact, and more giant ants than you can shake a stick at. There's also a definitely mad scientist, some plucky kids, a newt with big plans, and a pony.

But mostly its about the bugs. Big bugs. On the rampage. What's not to like?

Click on the image to get it at Other region buying links and more details HERE.

I've put more new titles on Amazon.

Check out THE WILLIAM MEIKLE CHAPBOOK COLLECTION all of which are 99c in ebook, and are also available in print (if you purchase the print edition, you'll get the ebook free) or free to read for those of you in Kindle Unlimited.
  1. The Copycat Murders a novella, first time in print
  2. Green Door a new Midnight Eye / Sigils and Totems novella
  3. Green Grow the Rashes A sampler of seven of my short stories. (FREE)
  4. Tales of Death Three tales from the great beyond
  5. The Weird West Three Weird Western short stories
  6. A Ghostly Trio Three Ghost Stories
  7. Magic & Wonder Three Fantasy Stories
  8. Animated Three Horror Stories
  9. Fragments Three Dark Fantasy Stories
  10. Burdens A tale of an Afterlife
  11. Futures Three Pulp Science Fiction Shorts
  12. Tannis Three Children's Science Fiction Stories
  13. The LarkHill Barrow Three Carnacki Stories
  14. Another Ghostly Trio Three More Ghost Stories
  15. The Keeper of the Gate Three Lovecraftian Stories
  16. Cold as Death 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  17. The Sleeping Dead 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  18. Hairs and Graces 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  19. The Castle of Blood 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  20. Abominable- A Creature Feature Novelette
  21. The Fall of Dunmuir - Three Scottish Supernatural Stories

Non-US buyers will find links at the website HERE

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