A 99c novella and general writing news in this November Newsletter

GREEN DOOR is a novella, and introduction to both my MIDNIGHT EYE series and my SIGILS AND TOTEMS mythos.

Derek Adams, The Midnight Eye has a new case.

He's tasked to find a green door. But green doors keep secrets.

And some doors are never meant to be opened.

Derek Adams, the Midnight Eye, is on the case...

The Midnight Eye Files mysteries continue in volume one: The Amulet.

I encourage you to pour yourself a couple of fingers of whisky and visit Meikle’s and Derek’s Glasgow some evening as the shadows grow long. - New Pulp

All I ask is that if you like this you consider taking a look at the three Derek Adams novels and my ongoing Sigils and Totems mythos. You'll find more info bout the Midnight Eye here. and more about Sigils and Totems here.

If you'd like more 99c ebooks, check out THE WILLIAM MEIKLE CHAPBOOK COLLECTION all of which are 99c in ebook and are also available in print or free to read for those of you in Kindle Unlimited.
  1. The Copycat Murders – a novella, first time in print
  2. Green Door – a new Midnight Eye / Sigils and Totems novella
  3. Green Grow the Rashes – A sampler of seven of my short stories. (FREE)
  4. Tales of Death – Three tales from the great beyond
  5. The Weird West – Three Weird Western short stories
  6. A Ghostly Trio – Three Ghost Stories
  7. Magic & Wonder – Three Fantasy Stories
  8. Animated – Three Horror Stories
  9. Fragments – Three Dark Fantasy Stories
  10. Burdens – A tale of an Afterlife
  11. Futures – Three Pulp Science Fiction Shorts
  12. Tannis – Three Children's Science Fiction Stories
  13. The LarkHill Barrow – Three Carnacki Stories
  14. Another Ghostly Trio – Three More Ghost Stories
  15. The Keeper of the Gate – Three Lovecraftian Stories
  16. Cold as Death – 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  17. The Sleeping Dead – 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  18. Hairs and Graces – 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  19. The Castle of Blood – 3 Scottish Sword and Sorcery Stories
  20. Abominable- A Creature Feature Novelette
  21. The Fall of Dunmuir - Three Scottish Supernatural Stories

Non-US buyers will find links at the website HERE

Alongside INFESTATION, both OPERATION: ANTARCTICA and THE LOST VALLEY are coming in German from Lucifer Verlag in 2020

My Sigils and Totems story, Cool for Cats, appeared in Midnight in the Graveyard from Silver Shamrock Press alongside the likes of Robert McCammon, Tom Monteleone, Kealan Patrick Burke and many more.

My Lovecraftian story Into the Black is live at the NoSleep Podcast.

I'm currently recovering from major abdominal surgery after a cancer scare. I didn't write a word in October but hope to get back in the saddle this week. I'll keep you posted.

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