Details of a new collaboration with Steven Savile, a bunch of bargain books, and your last chance to enter the Summer Solstice giveaway in this newsletter.

LAUNCHES TODAY in ebook ($3.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited) and paperback

A collaboration with New York Times bestseller Steven Savile, and the first in a new Historical Fantasy trilogy.

In this one you'll find Templars, desert caves, Parisian dungeons, swordfighting, political skullduggery, feuds both old and new and the training of a very special assassin.

Set in the 14th Century in Paris and the Middle East, it is the tale of a pair of twins.

Separated at birth, one is taken to Paris, one is left to the desert, and their destinies are everafter intertwined.

They learn to fight. They learn guile. They dream of impossible places, of impossible things, of quests in search of meaning, of each other.

And when they are left bereft of comfort and alone they must both learn one last thing.

How to survive.

Both Steve and I are David Gemmell fans, and I think it shows in this collaboration. Click on the image to get it at Other region buying links and more details HERE.

As part of my self publishing efforts this past month, and the start of building a WILLIAM MEIKLE CHAPBOOK COLLECTION , I've put a lot of new titles on Amazon (including a brand new Midnight Eye novella), all of which are 99c in ebook and are also available in print (if you purchase the print edition, you'll get the ebook free)

Non-US buyers will find links at the website HERE

The midsummer prize draw is taking place on June 21st.

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