I use Smashwords as a place to give away free stories and short sampler collections. Here's the current set.


A Life in the Day of... (NATURE Futures)
Under an Uncaring Sky (NATURE Futures)
Variations (NATURE Futures)
Growth (NATURE Futures)
Lacunae (NATURE Futures)
Twitterspace (NATURE Futures)
Metastasis (Starburst)
A Knight In The Lonesome October (Lovecraft Ezine)
Carnacki: The Parliament of Owls (Lovecraft Ezine)
Between (Lovecraft Ezine)
Sherlock Holmes: The Call of the Dance (Lovecraft Ezine)
Rickman's Plasma (Lovecraft Ezine)
Bait and Switch (Suddenly Lost in Words)
Frost (Read Short Fiction)
Double or Nothing (Buzzy Mag)
Supply and Demand (Daily Science Fiction)
Your Order is Being Processed (Urban Fantasist)
The Dark Island (Innsmouth Free Press)
The Yule Log ( This is Horror )
When the Stars are Right ( Nightscapes )
Just a Par to Win ( British Expat )

Variations on a Theme ( Escapepod )
The Persistence of Memory ( Pseudopod )
In the Coils of the Serpent ( Pseudopod )
Variations (NATURE Futures)
Dancers ( The Way of the Buffalo )
At The Beach ( The Way of the Buffalo )
Supply and Demand (Tales to Terrify #386)
The Case of the Tibetan Rug (Tales to Terrify #134)
Carnacki: Treason and Plot (Tales to Terrify #47)
Carnacki: The Parliament of Owls (Lovecraft Ezine)
Carnacki: The Hellfire Mirror (Morgan Scorpion)
The Tenants of Ladywell Manor (Morgan Scorpion)
SymbiOS (Morgan Scorpion)
The Last Day of Summer (Well Told Tales)
Aboard the Vordlak ( Cthulhu Podcast )
It'll be a Long Hot Summer ( Well Told Tales )
When the Stars are Right ( Dunesteef )
The First Silkie ( Celtic Myth Podshow )

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