Fantasy and me

I've tried my hand at several works of fantasy over the years, and they almost always come out the same way -- pulpy, with swords, sorcery, monsters and bloody battles to the fore. It's the way I roll.

I may start with good intentions, of writing high fantasy with political intrigue and courtly goings on but, as in the Watchers series, my inner barbarian muscles to the fore, says Bugger this for a lark, and starts hacking.

The blame for my enthusiasm can be laid squarely at several doors.

There's Conan, of course, and Elric, Corum, Hawkmoon and the whole pantheon of Eternal Champions; there's Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, Solomon Kane, Jon Shannow, the princes of Amber and the shades of a thousand more by the likes of Poul Anderson, A E Merritt, Edgar Rice Burroughs, H Rider Haggard and many others.

You'll find the results of my voyages in this genre so far detailed below. If the stars are right, I plan to add many more.

My Fantasy books

Short Stories Appearances

  • The Root of All Things / By the Light of Camelot / EDGE Publishing
  • The Last Quest / Through a Mythos Darkly / PS Publishing
  • A Knight In The Lonesome October (Lovecraft Ezine)
  • The Cauldron of Camulos (Ancient Wonders / Alchemy Press)
  • The Brotherhood of the Thorns (Samurai and Other Stories collection)
  • Samurai (Samurai and Other Stories collection)
  • The Toughest Mile (Samurai and Other Stories collection)
  • #dragonspit / Dragons, Droids & Doom book 1 / Fantasy Scroll Press
  • Outposts / Further tales of Cthulhu Invictus / Golden Goblin Press
  • The Mouth of the Ness / Cryptid Clash / 18th Wall Productions
  • Vulcan's Forge / With Point and Edge / Golden Goblin Press
  • The Last Magician / Neverlands Library / Ragnarock Press
  • Augustus Seton: Cold As Death (Ghostwriter Publications Chapbook)
  • Augustus Seton: Fear Liath Mor (Ghostwriter Publications Chapbook)
  • Augustus Seton: No Sleep For the Just (Swords and Mythos / Innsmouth Free Press)
  • Augustus Seton: The Silent Dead ( ALT-Zombie / Hersham Books)
  • Augustus Seton: The Warlock ( Sword and Zombie / AA Books)
  • Agnes Erichsdochtir: The Castle of Blood (Ghostwriter Publications Chapbook)
  • Agnes Erichsdochtir: Hairs and Graces (Best New Werewolf Tales 1 / BOTD Press)
  • Agnes Erichsdochtir: Double or Nothing (Buzzy Mag)
  • Flower of Scotland (Space and Time magazine Summer 1998)
  • The Dragon's Bargain (Bards and Sages magazine 2009)
  • The First Silkie ( Celtic Myth Podshow )

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