A new collection of short stories out now from Crystal Lake Publishing in paperback and ebook

In Samurai and Other Stories you'll find numerous ghosts, many Scotsmen, a big blob, some holy relics, some unholy relics, a Mothman, a barbarian, some swordplay, a shoggoth and people that nobody expects.

This collection brings together stories from the past decade in an exploration of the perils of looking in dark places, both external and internal.


  • Samurai
  • Rickman’s Plasma
  • Home is the Sailor
  • Turn Again
  • Inquisitor
  • The Scotsman’s Fiddle
  • The Toughest Mile
  • The Havenhome
  • The Yule Log
  • Living the Dream
  • The Shoogling Jenny
  • The Haunting of Esther Cox
  • Dancers
  • The Brotherhood of the Thorns
  • The Young Lochinvar
  • A Slim Chance


Samurai and other stories is a perfect introduction to the worlds and imagination of William Meikle. These are the sort of stories that show just how important a sense of fun and adventure is to storytelling. There is a great heritage in this collection, one that deserves to be kept alive. Meikle is pulptastic. - Ginger Nuts of Horror

This collection contains 16 wonderfully wrought tales that will twist and tantalize your mind. You’ll witness unspeakable acts of horrible vengeance. Screams will haunt your waking hours. – Mass Movement Magazine

Meikle’s stories are imbued with a sense of old codes of conduct and honour, the sins of man and greed, the supernatural and the just plain weird. – Terror Tree

This new collection of short stories from the pen of William Meikle will appeal to both fans of his work and admirers of horrific and the macabre. - The British Fantasy Society

For a read that will thrill, horrify, amaze, elate and sometimes even make you laugh out loud, I highly recommend this brilliant collection of short stories - Books 4 Tomorrow

...evidence that there is so much more to William Meikle than a purveyor of pulp. Samurai is a great collection, page turning stuff that will keep you entertained throughout - Dark Musings

...a highly imaginative mind whose tendency to find the dark twist in even the most mundane circumstances is well-suited for both the horror and science fiction genres. Samurai and Other Stories is a truly original collection of horror tales that are especially appropriate for longterm fans of this genre. It is as unique as it is deeply creepy, and I look forward to starting the whole thing over from the beginning. - Long and Short Reviews

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