Operation Siberia

S-Squad series #3. A creature feature novel from Severed Press. OPERATION: SIBERIA follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from INFESTATION and OPERATION: ANTARCTICA, to the opposite side of the world this time, and an investigation of a very peculiar zoo in the Northern Russian Tundra

In this one you'll find more sweary Scotsmen, lots of bullets, big hairy beasties, Mammoths, Dire Wolves, Thunderbirds, more bullets, and more swearing.

I'm still having great fun with this group of my countrymen.

They'll be back.

What's left of them.


When Captain John Banks and his squad are sent to investigate a zoo in Siberia, he expects to find tigers, bears, maybe elk But there is something there that is new, yet very, very old.

Beasts that haven't walked the Earth sonce the last Ice Age have been cloned, revived, and set loose to roam free

And some of them are very hungry.


Operation: Siberia is another winner from Mr Meikle. It’s a short, sharp and effective piece of writing that once again illustrates his range as a writer, providing the reader with fast-paced and action-heavy title that still allows for some interesting antagonists in the form of the creatures the special forces team face, as well as some musings on the nature of humanity’s increasing manipulation of nature. Hugely enjoyable, and I look forward to the next title – and hopefully many more! - The SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer

The S-Squad series is good modern pulp ideal for resting your brain with a few hours of monster slaying. - MarzAat

Meikle rides a deft line, keeping the creatures deadly without taking away the fact that most animals aren’t naturally murderous. I felt heartbroken for some of the animals at one point. And an unfortunate series of events that leads to one of the more tense sequences makes perfect sense, rather than leaving me yelling at the horror characters to stop being stupid. Speaking of which, I like that Banks is so careful about trying to keep the party together, along with avoiding some other typical ‘stupid horror character’ moves. I fully intend to read the whole series, and I hope Meikle keeps putting them out! - ERRANT DREAMS

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