Operation Norway

S-Squad series #7. A creature feature novel from Severed Press.

OPERATION: NORWAY follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from OPERATION: SYRIA.

It's supposed to be a simple sanitation job, a post war scientific base that needs cleansed of anything that might prove incriminating to British and Norwegian governments.

But when the S-Squad try to complete their mission they are pursued in the mountains and fjords by something out of legend.

They have woken a sleeping beast.

Now it's angry, ready for a fight. And it's bringing its friends along.


S-Squad are sent on a clear up mission to a remote scientific installation in a Norwegian fjord.

The place has been abandoned for over fifty years, and all evidence suggests it was done in a hurry after a bloody catastrophe

Their investigations lead them into the mountains, to a remote settlement, and a high cave, where something out of legend sleeps in the rock

The team wake the beast, and are soon fleeing for their lives in a winter storm ahead of a trail of death that follows them all the way back to civilisation, where they finally discover the full extent of the experiment they have uncovered.


Operation: Norway is a surprise in all the best ways, Meikle throwing genre conventions to the wind in order to produce an outstanding tremendous action-horror title that takes the reader on a whirlwind journey in a number of different and unexpected directions. - SciFi and Fantasy Reviewer

The characters are simple-yet-interesting. The monsters are scary, with a few poignant moments mixed in. The squad spends plenty of time swearing and shooting at things, although maybe not as much shooting as in some previous books. As Wiggins himself pointed out in a previous book, this is something of a Scottish “X-Files”-like series. It’s a fairly simple genre, but Meikle carries it off unusually well. - Errant Dreams

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