Operation Mongolia

S-Squad series #8. A creature feature novel from Severed Press.

OPERATION: MONGOLIA follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from OPERATION:NORWAY

It's supposed to be a routine job, walking a pair of stranded archaeologists out of the Gobi Desert.

But when the rains come unexpectedly, S-Squad's troubles are only starting.

There is something in the sand, something red and wriggling.

Thirsty for water.

Hungry for flesh.


S-Squad are sent on a babysitting mission to walk a pair of archaeologists out of the Gobi Desert.

The place has been dry for over fifteen years, but the walk is curtailed almost before it gets going by the coming of heavy rains

The arrival of water brings changes to the dry sands. Things come up from below, deathworms of legend, hordes of them, and S-Squad suddenly find themselves in a struggle for survival, before the rains come again.


The pacing is excellent. Meikle is an expert at gradually raising the stakes, finding new and interesting ways to thwart the monsters, and tossing in some seemingly insurmountable problems. I canít wait to read more of these books! - Errant Dreams

Operation Mongolia is easily the best title in the S-Squad series so far, and provides another piece of evidence that William Meikle is the undisputed master of the Cryptid genre despite his many competitors. - The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

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