Operation: Loch Ness

S-Squad series #5. A creature feature novel from Severed Press.

OPERATION: LOCH NESS follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from OPERATION: AMAZON back home to Scotland.

They're hoping for a rest and some leave. Instead they're caught up in a hunt, not sure whether they are the hunters, or the hunted.

They'll be back.

What's left of them.


S-Squad are relieved to be home, and even an order to investigate animal mutilations at a local wildlife park does not seem like an onerous detail.

But things take a turn to the twilight zone all too quickly around the S-Squad, and even their homeland is not immune.

Something is feeding, ravenously, on animals, wildlife, and now people in the Scottish Highlands, and the trail leads to only one place, a place of legends, and the dark waters of Loch Ness.


Operation: Loch Ness is yet another coup from the pen of William Meikle, and by far the best entry yet in the series. Some fantastic and pulse-pounding action scenes, atmosphere and tension so thick you could cut it with a knife, and another well-researched and vividly-imagined cryptid beastie all come together to form another classic in the ‘creature feature’ genre that Mr. Meikle has done so much to define and mould in the past few years.

- The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

The storytelling is excellent. It’s easy to get a visual sense of the story, and the firefights feel positively cinematic. All in all, a great bit of fun. - Errant Dreams

I liked the way Meikle treats the conflict between preserving Nessie and it becoming a lethal menace. Meikle’s interest in cryptozoology and studies in biology lends a nice of credibility to the whole thing. - MarzAat

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