Operation: Amazon

S-Squad series #4. A creature feature novel from Severed Press.

OPERATION: AMAZON follows the survivors of the Scottish Special Forces squad from INFESTATION, OPERATION: ANTARCTICA and OPERATION: SIBERIA, to the jungles of Amazonia and to the defence of a British mining operation that has hit trouble.

Big snake trouble

In this one you'll find snakes, beer, lost temples, occult rituals, gold, sweariness, cigarettes, more beer, heat, flies, sweat, and some helicopters among other things.

The lads asked for heat. They get plenty of it.

They'll be back

What's left of them.


The members of S-Squad are looking for a break from their run of cold climate travails. So when a seemingly simple mission in Amazonia comes their way, they are looking forward to some welcome warmth.

What they get is oppressive heat, biting insects, and a dredging operation on the river with a snake problem.

A big snake problem.

Soon they are in a fight for survival. The old snake gods of the river know the waterways much better than our Scottish squaddies. Are their wits, and bonds of comradeship enough to see them through?


Another sure-fire hit for William Meikle, and a fourth exciting, action-packed and fast-paced chapter in the S-Squad story. Great atmosphere, some hard-hitting action scenes with enough gun fights and explosions to satisfy even the most jaded fan of the genre, and some truly epic cryptozoological creatures all combine to make this the pinnacle of the S-Squad series. - The Sci-Fi and Fantasy Reviewer

The climax is tersely but pleasingly presented. While not having quite the grandeur as the end of the previous installment, Operation: Siberia, the final scene still is awe inspiring. - MarzAat

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