Into the Black


Available now in ebook and paperback

In this one you'll find some Mi-Go, Yog-Sototh, Shoggoths, King Arthur, British soldiers, some Deep Ones, scientists of various competencies, Roman centurions, the Antoinine Wall, a fair bit of singing and some green blobby stuff.

12 Lovecraftian tales, all previous published in anthologies.

I put this wee collection together in response to the success of my HOME FROM THE SEA collection.

Like that collection, this one collects stories of mine from anthologies, this time from the likes of Dark Regions Press, Golden Goblin Press and PS Publishing among others. There's also a wee bit of a theme in many of them, a working out of ideas for a Meikle mythos that's linked in to my Sigils and Totems work.

If you're looking for something that covers a whole lot of my Lovecraftian style enthusiasms, here it is. This is who I am.


  • Into the Black
  • Broadsword
  • The Longdock Air
  • The Color that Stole Christmas
  • Outposts
  • She Sleeps in the Depths
  • The Call of the Deep
  • On the Threshold
  • A True Telling of the Terror that came to Red Hook
  • Vulcan's Forge
  • The Wonderful Musician
  • The Last Quest

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