The Chronicles of Augustus Seton

Anyone for a bit of high magic, swordfighting and a taste of what Scotland was like before perfect teeth, nice hair and clean kilts became the order of the day in OUTLANDER?

My Scottish sorcerer and swordsman, AUGUSTUS SETON lives in Stirling in the late 16th C and is, usually, in the service of the King, fighting the good fight against the dark things of the world in between the drinking and wenching.

Over the years I've written many stories set in my native country, in particular in the Watchers series. That series was written twenty years ago now, and ever since I've been itching to write some more historical fantasy set in Scotland.

I toyed with several ideas, but it took the death of two of my favorite writers to give me a kick. David Gemmell's muscular swordplay and Robert Holdstock's grip on mythic archetypes and the importance of history mixed in my head and gave me a sword-for-hire in 16th Century Scotland.

The late 1590s were a time of turmoil. Scotland was on the verge of many changes that would shape its future, from religious reformation, to the union of the crowns with England. But in many ways the country was still rooted in its medieval past, and fear of witches and demons was still a large part of everyday life. Seton confronts demons, both internal and external, as he wanders on the fringes of history.

There are twelve stories in all so far, spread over four chapbooks in ebook and print. Back when I started writing them, they were always meant to run as a series of chapbooks, and I'm pleased to now return them to my original vision for them.

Seton will return.



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