Scottish Fiction

A lot of my work, long and short form, has been set in Scotland, and much of it uses the history and folklore. There’s just something about the misty landscapes and old buildings that speaks straight to my soul. Bloody Celts… we get all sentimental at the least wee thing.

I grew up on the West Coast of Scotland in an environment where the supernatural was almost commonplace.

My grannie certainly had a touch of ‘the sight’, always knowing when someone in the family was in trouble. There are numerous stories told of family members meeting other, long dead, family in their dreams, and I myself have had more than a few encounters with dead family, plus meetings with what I can only class as residents of faerie. I have had several precognitive dreams, one of which saved me from a potentially fatal car crash.


To catch a killer, John and Alan Granger will have to battle the Cobbe, a strange and enigmatic creature that guards a magical country parallel to our own. The bird is a creature of horrific power that demands a heavy price for entry into its world. The fate of two realms hangs in the balance… and time is running out...

DarkFuse | AMAZON

I have a deep love of old places, in particular menhirs and stone circles, and I’ve spent quite a lot of time travelling the UK and Europe just to visit archaeological remains. I also love what is widely known as ‘weird shit’. I’ve spent far too much time surfing and reading Fortean, paranormal and cryptozoological websites. The cryptozoological stuff especially fascinates me, and provides a direct stimulus for a lot of my fiction.

I've also been influenced by many Scottish writers. Stevenson in particular is a big influence. He is a master of plotting, and of putting innocents into situations far out of their usual comfort zones while still maintaining a grounding in their previous, calmer, reality. His way with a loveable rogue in Treasure Island and Kidnapped in particular is also a big influence. Other Scottish writers who have influenced me include John Buchan, Iain Banks and, more in my youth than now, Alistair MacLean and Nigel Tranter. From them I learned how to use the scope of both the Scottish landscape and its history while still keeping the characters alive.


I'm working on several ideas based on Scottish folklore. My goal here is to attempt to blend fact and fancy such that the reader can't be sure if they are dealing with myth or history, folklore or things plucked from my mind.

There are antecedents from which I've drawn. Scotland has produced several writers willing to weave the country's history and magic into their stories, from Stevenson's Kidnapped, Walter Scott's romantic fancies, and John Buchan's taut thrillers. Stevenson in particular manages to provide fast paced entertainment that also educates even as you're carried along by the sheer page-turning brilliance of his plotting and the solidity and truth of his characterisations. That's what I'm striving for. Wish me luck. I'm going in.

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But I think it’s the people that influence me most. Everybody in Scotland’s got stories to tell, and once you get them going, you can’t stop them. I love chatting to people, usually in pubs, and finding out the weird shit they’ve experienced. My Glasgow PI, Derek Adams is mainly based on a bloke I met years ago in a bar in Partick, and quite a few of the characters that turn up and talk too much in my books can be found in real life in bars in Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.

See the the list below for more details of my Scottish Fiction. There will be more to come...


Patty is working on a journal of a 14th Century alchemist. But after mentioning it in her blog she gets to the office to find everyone brutally murdered. Now she's on the run pursued by a killer who wants the secret of eternal life it contains.




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Novellas and Short Stories

  • Pentacle (novella / DarkFuse )
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  • The Auld Mither (Novella / Four Sleepless Nights / Lamplight)
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Hackney Horrors ( novella / The London Terrors / Dark Renaissance)
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  • The Midnight Eye: The Weathered Stone (Flesh Like Smoke / April Moon )
  • The Terror that Came to Dounreay (Atomic Age Cthulhu anthology / Chaosium )
  • The Sleeping God is Singing Where She Lies ( Terror Tales of the Scottish Highlands / Gray Friars Press)
  • Augustus Seton: The Silent Dead (Alt Zombie anthology / Hersham Horror)
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  • The Death of Sergeant George ( Dark Melodies collection)
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  • From Between (Wrongworld 2008 Choices edition)
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  • Total Mental Quality (Nova Scotia anthology / Mercat Books)
  • The Young Lochinvar (The Mothman Files anthology / Woodland Press)
  • Morning Sickness (Best New Vampire Tales 1 / BOTD Press)
  • The Just One (Monk Punk anthology / Static Movement Press)
  • The Colour of the Deep (Call of Lovecraft anthology / Evil Jester Press)
  • Flower of Scotland (All Hallows #11, 1996)
  • The Strange Case of Dr. MacIntyre (All Hallows #19, 1998)
  • The Johnson Amulet (Millenium Macabre / Enigmatic Press, 2000)
  • The Dark Island (Millenium Macabre / Enigmatic Press, 2000)
  • The Kelp (Lamplight Magazine #1 / Lamplight)
  • The Dark Island (Innsmouth Free Press #18)

Online Appearances

Coming Soon

  • The House on the Moors (novella / Dark Renaissance)
  • The Color From the Deep (Summer of Lovecraft anthology / Chaosium )
  • The Fall of Dunmuir / TBA / TBA / TBA


The Johnson Amulet is no mere trinket...and Derek isn't the only person trying to find the priceless relic. Before long he's up to his armpits in bodies, femme fatales... and tentacles. The stars have aligned...



PI Derek Adams is on a remote island and up to his hips in mer-women, shape-changers and ancient fisher cults.

Running back to the city doesn't help; there's magic and mayhem loose on the streets. An ancient god is waking up... and only blood will stop him!



Before he knows it, Derek is on the run, framed for an impossible murder. His only leverage is a strange skin belt that seems to have a life of its own, but hanging onto it might cost Derek more than just his life.