Science Fiction

The first science fiction I ever encountered was Fireball XL5, one of the early Gerry Anderson productions. I was only about four years old, but I was hooked immediately on spaceships and adventure in the stars.

I grew up during the exciting part of the space race, staying up nights to watch space-walks then moon missions, eyes wide in wonder as Armstrong made his small step.

At the same time Gerry Anderson had continued to thrill me, with Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. The Americans joined in, with Lost in Space then, as color TV reached Scotland, Star Trek hit me full between the eyes.

Also at the same time, my reading was gathering pace. I'd started on comics early with Batman and Superman. As the '60s drew to a close, Marvel started to take over my reading habits more, and I made forays into reading novels; Clarke and Asimov at first, and most of the Golden-Age works.

By the early Seventies I had graduated to the so-called New Wave, Moorcock, Ellison, Delaney and Zelazny dominating my reading, and they led me on to reading, then writing horror.


THE INVASION reached no 2 in both Kindle SF and Kindle Horror and has sold over 20,000 copies.

New life forms began to arise, simple organisms at first, but multiplying with ever-increasing complexity. The few human survivors are faced with a full-scale invasion... and only radical measures will guarantee the survival of the human race.


I more or less stopped reading Science Fiction round about then, but I never stopped watching, especially after Star Wars gave the visual genre a huge push forward. I re-discovered the '50s classics after the advent of the VCR and quickly built a huge collection of movies, many of which I still watch avidly.

And it is from those classics of the '50s that I draw much of my own inspiration.

See the the list below for more details. There will be more to come...


A derelict spacecraft and a storage cavern on Mars are linked by a forgotten secret. Ancient rituals are invoked, dark energy is awakened, and soon the Plasm is growing, and feeding. Desperate measures are required-but will they be enough?

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Longer Works

  • The Dunfield Terror ( novel / DarkFuse )
  • Sherlock Holmes: The Hackney Horror ( novella / Dark Renaissance )
  • The Plasm ( novella / Dark Regions Press )
  • Professor Challenger: The Island of Terror ( novella / Dark Regions Press )
  • Professor Challenger: The Kew Growths and other stories ( Collection / Dark Renaissance )
  • The Creeping Kelp ( novel / Dark Regions Press )
  • Crustaceans ( novel / Dark Regions Press )
  • The Invasion The Valley ( novel / Paperback / Dark Regions Press )
  • The Invasion ( novel / e-book / audiobook / Gryphonwood Press )
  • Generations ( novel e-book / Fringeworks )

Short Stories

Short Stories Coming Soon

  • The Call of the Deep / TBA / TBA / TBA
  • The Color From the Deep ( Summer of Lovecraft anthology / Chaosium )

Professor Challenger: The Kew Growths and other Stories

Apemen, mothmen, giant fungi, lake monsters, amoeba from space, wooly mammoths and much more - there's plenty of beasties in my Challenger stories, a collection out now from Dark Renaissance

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When a storm in the North Atlantic frees an experimental sample that has been dormant inside an old wreck, the new creature finds that it is hungry. Our plastics-oriented society has given it an abundant supply of food... more than enough for it to grow, and build, and spread.

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