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THE DUNFIELD TERROR is currently doing well in advance orders, and picking up some nice early reviews, including a glowing recommendation from the Lovecraft Ezine. Remember to get your order in before April 7th to get a saving- it's currently $3 off on Amazon.

My 5 top sellers at the moment are from DarkFuse - they're doing something very right & I'm very grateful and they are being very good for me. Back in 2011 I sent them NIGHT OF THE WENDIGO. They liked it, agreed to publish it, and so I sent them a novella, CLOCKWORK DOLLS. They liked that too, so much so that they offered me a contract to write three more novels and three more novellas. I've recently delivered the last of them, and they've since offered me a contract for yet another three novels.

I'm more than happy to sign up as they've proved themselves to me, with great production values, great editorial skills, and a focus on customer satisfaction for their readers that's second to none.

Plus, the sales aren't half bad, and I get nice, regular, royalty checks.

I also get to rub shoulders with a fine stable of established and up and coming writers.

If you're looking for a great read, look no further.

You'll find my available books over at their online shop here » DarkFuse


ATOMIC AGE CTHULHU is coming soon from Chaosium after a long wait, mythos tales set in the 1950s. It contains my Quatermass / Hammer tribute THE TERROR THAT CAME TO DOUNREAY

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William Meikle is a Scottish genre writer now living in Newfoundland

He has 20 novels and several hundred short stories in genre presses, anthologies and magazines. His current top seller is the sci-fi novel THE INVASION with 20,000 copies sold and counting.

When he's not writing Willie drinks beer, plays guitar and dreams of fortune and glory

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